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Sanibel Island is perfect for many things, and thanks to the foresight of the city many years ago, it has some of the greatest bike paths around. From one end of the island to the other, 25 miles of bike path await your exploring.

Exploring Sanibel by bike can be the most enjoyable way to get to truly know the island. Sanibel's bike paths take you to parts of the island that can not be reached by car. They allow you to get closer to wildlife and enhance your island experience. Sanibel Online would like to recommend two areas in particular.

1. Rabbit Road - The Rabbit Road path runs behind home and along a fresh water canal. Early morning trips here allow you to view a part of Sanibel not often noticed. Grey Marsh Rabbits will be seen along the river and the bike path, getting their morning meals. Wading Herons and Alligators are common visitors to this area, as well as the chance to see a rare island Bobcat.

2. Wildlife Drive - Wildlife Drive is a 4 mile loop that runs through the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge. This road is paved with shell and hard-packed sand, and can be a bit rough, especially for skinny tired bikes. Along the way, there are short trails you can hike, or you may climb a bird observation tower. Bring plenty of bug spray along, as they can get bad here.

Enjoy your biking and remember, Florida Law requires all bike riders under the age of 16 to wear a bike helmet. Sanibel Online suggest EVERYONE wear one.



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